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ELLAi 2-Piece ADA Chair Height Toilet with Powerful Single Flush

Upgrade Your Bathroom with ELLAI's Powerful and Stylish White 2-Piece Elongated Toilet - ADA Compliant and Includes Seat!

- Easy to Install: The toilet has a standard 12-inch rough-in that makes it easy to install in most bathrooms. It also comes with a seat included, which saves you the time and hassle of finding a compatible seat.
- Sleek and Modern Design: The white 2-piece elongated toilet has a sleek and modern design that adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom. Its elongated bowl shape provides additional comfort and space, while its smooth surface makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The White 2-piece Elongated Toilet with Standard 12-in Rough-in and ELLAI Powerful Single Flush 1.28 GPF ADA Chair Height Toilet is a great addition to any bathroom. With its elongated bowl design, this toilet provides maximum comfort and ease of use. The ELLAI Powerful Single Flush system ensures that the toilet is powerful enough to handle waste without clogging or overflowing. The ADA Chair Height design makes this toilet accessible to people of all ages and abilities, providing a comfortable and safe experience. The toilet seat is included, making installation easy and hassle-free. Overall, this toilet is a reliable and stylish choice for any modern bathroom.