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How to Choose a Toilet Lid Cover

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Toilet Lid Cover

Choosing a toilet lid cover may seem like a simple task, but there are actually several factors to consider before making your purchase. Here are the steps to follow when choosing a toilet lid cover:

Step 1: Measure your toilet lid
Before you start shopping for a toilet lid cover, you need to know the size of your toilet lid. Measure the length and width of the lid to ensure you choose a cover that fits properly.

Step 2: Determine the shape of your toilet lid
Toilet lids come in two shapes: round and elongated. Make sure you know which shape your toilet lid is before you start shopping for a cover. You can determine the shape by measuring the length from the front of the bowl to the center of the mounting bolts. If the measurement is around 16.5 inches, your toilet lid is round. If it's closer to 18.5 inches, your toilet lid is elongated.

Step 3: Choose the material
Toilet lid covers come in a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, and fabric. Consider the look and feel you want for your bathroom when choosing the material. Plastic covers are the most affordable and easy to clean, while wood covers are more expensive but add a natural, rustic look to your bathroom. Fabric covers are the softest and most comfortable, but require more maintenance.

Step 4: Consider the design and color
Toilet lid covers come in a wide range of designs and colors. Choose a design and color that complements your bathroom décor. You can opt for a solid color or a patterned design. Keep in mind that darker colors may show stains and dirt more easily, so choose a color that is easy to clean.

Step 5: Look for additional features
Some toilet lid covers come with additional features, such as soft-close hinges or antimicrobial properties. Soft-close hinges prevent the lid from slamming shut, while antimicrobial properties help prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. Consider these features when choosing a toilet lid cover.

Step 6: Check the installation requirements
Make sure the toilet lid cover you choose is easy to install and fits your toilet lid properly. Some covers require adhesive strips or screws to secure them to the lid, while others simply sit on top of the lid. Choose a cover that is easy to install and fits securely.

By following these steps, you can choose a toilet lid cover that fits your toilet lid properly, complements your bathroom décor, and meets your needs and preferences.

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